Language is big business for Lionbridge, a world-class provider of seamless translations across the globe. With digital disruption shaking every market, Lionbridge tapped my Vivaldi team to be its strategic and creative partner on a journey to reimagine their business and brand.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente wants to simultaneously end hunger and unhealthy eating in America. With a nearly impossible task at hand, Kaiser Permanente and my team at ?What If! invented Food for Life, a landmark initiative to increase food security on a national scale.


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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Inequality is the most front and center issue that we face as a country today. In Tampa Bay, it is particularly felt with the city being ranked as one of the most  "unfair", while also being ranked one of the most "diverse". Together, with the Buccaneers Foundation and my team at VSA Partners, we developed a strategy that levels the playing field for everyone in the city of Tampa. 

Cascade Blonde

Whiskey's popularity is booming with young drinkers, but the category and the lives of the people that enjoy it can be overwhelming. Together, with Diageo and my team at Jones Knowles Ritchie, we launched Cascade Blonde, a laid-back whiskey brand who celebrates the simple pleasures of the great outdoors. 


With a new brand positioning and consumer target, Trident partnered with my team at ?What If! to develop a product strategy and innovation roadmap. *Due to the confidentiality of this type of work, it can only be shared face-to-face. Please contact if you wish to see this case study. 



Historically, Mars and other candy brands have played the generic codes of holiday/season. Lead by the retailers' demands for stereotypical items and "new news", it has created an entire category of "sameness". At Jones Knowles Ritchie, my team was tasked with articulating how Mars can stand out and win.



After my team at Jones Knowles Ritchie re-established Budweiser as the King of Beers, we were asked to create a cultural calendar of potential brand partnerships and activations.



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In 2017, Rally achieved an incredible feat in the rideshare industry by executing the largest mass mobilization in history: over 50,000 protestors used Rally, a bus-sharing platform, to organize their commute to the Women’s March in Washington DC. While they achieved overnight growth, Rally needed a strategy and new digital product to sustain their success. Together, with my team at Vivaldi, we developed an award-winning digital experience that earned Rally a $5M Series Seed investment from Daimler