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  • Brand Strategy & Purpose

  • Customer Experience (CX) & Marketing

  • Consumer Research & Moderation

  • Cultural Strategy & Foresight

  • Brand Architecture & Pipeline Development

  • Visual Strategy & Semiotics

  • Verbal Strategy, Naming & Copywriting

  • Creative Strategy & Design Strategy




Lionbridge is the world's largest translation service provider and they chose my team at Vivaldi to reinvigorate their brand. I directed all of the projects efforts including strategy, design, and communications..


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foundation and my team at VSA Partners developed and launched a purpose-led strategy that addresses the societal challenges that their community experiences most (education disparity, gender equality, and social justice).



Budweiser and my team at Jones Knowles Ritchie identified the cultural moments, regions, and figures that the Budweiser brand can credibly leverage in relevant and unexpected ways – including August 2021's Celebrate Biggie campaign.


Cascade Blonde

 Diageo and my team at Jones Knowles Ritchie developed and launched Cascade Blonde, a laid-back whiskey brand who celebrates the simple pleasures of the great outdoors. 


Candid Co

With an overwhelming number of new challenger brands in the at-home dental space, Candid and my team at Vivaldi refreshed their brand positioning and marketing communications

All Projects

A comprehensive collection of projects that demonstrate my versatile expertise.

The selected works below are organized by discipline (e.g. Brand, Innovation, and Employee Experience). To ensure privacy and security of each case study's classified intel, I require file sharing to occur face-to-face.


To set up a time view a full case study click the chat button or email me directly at with your name in the subject line. 

  • Futurecasting & Trends

  • Design Thinking & Experimentation

  • Product & Service Invention

  • Innovation Pipelines & Architecture

  • Internal Venture Studio Coaching & Team Development

  • UX Research & Experience Design

  • Functional MVPs & No/Low-Code Prototypes

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Metric Analysis



Travelers Insurance

Travelers and my team at LPK produced an innovation incubator that unleashed the creative potential of Travelers' people by enabling them to participate in experiences that drive collaboration, experimentation, and disruptive invention (e.g. Abacus and Mosaic).


Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente and my team at ?What If! invented Food for Life, a landmark initiative that simultaneously ends hunger and unhealthy eating in America.


Mike's Hard Lemonade

In many ways the Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand and business has never been stronger...  But with their category maturing and changing, they asked my team at LPK to invent a pipeline of products that are "meaningfully new, unexpected, and interesting."


Rally Bus

In 2017, Rally achieved overnight success by executing the largest mass mobilization in ride-share history. To scale this momentum, Rally and my team at Vivaldi developed an award-winning digital experience that earned Rally a $5M Series Seed investment from Daimler



Torani and my team at LPK developed, tested, and launched a pipeline of new products using proto-selling as our "Go-Live" methodology.  Check out the latest release by clicking here



Trident partnered with my team at ?What If! to develop an innovation pipeline that entered their brand into the functional gum sub-category. Check out Trident Fresh by clicking here.


Boston Beer Company

The Boston Beer Company and my team at LPK filled a key gap in their portfolio by creating a new brand and array of products in the rapidly emerging Vodka Soda sub-category. Check out Truly Vodka Seltzer by clicking here.

  • Purpose-Led, Organizational Transformation

  • Behavioral Science

  • Change Governance and Operating Systems

  • Agents of Change Programs

  • Employee Training Design & Implementation

  • Employee Engagement Metrics & Staff Utilization

  • Internal Marketing & Communications

Employee Experience



In conjunction with the rebrand, Lionbridge and my team at Vivaldi implemented an organizational transformation that led to their 5000+ employees proudly stating that the organization "does as it says".


Crowe LLP

Crowe is transforming their organization around the idea of "embrace volatility", but doesn't know how to internally galvanize or mobilize its employees around this desired change. Together with my team at StrawberryFrog, we're collaboratively developing a transformation operating model and solution roadmap that accelerates the adoption of this behavioral change.



Pfizer my team at StrawberryFrog shifted the mindsets and behaviors of how Pfizer's 80,000+ colleagues approach personal growth, learning, and development.

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